Our SmartHealth Advantage program was created as a solution to the rising Healthcare cost issues for most Americans.

We have brought together the most advanced programs that would easily give the type of protection and dependability you could give your family without the high price that prevents most from doing so.

Our SmartHealth Advantage programs are created to service varying needs and income levels. We have 5 different plans starting at $125.00 per member and the options keep getting better from there.

Our promise with the SmartHealth Advantage Program is to make safe, secure healthcare consistently affordable to you and your family. Never again will you have to worry about your healthcare, SmartHealth Advantage truly does advance the way healthcare programs will be viewed!



Benefits include:
• Toll-free, unlimited access to confidential counseling by registered nurses, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
• Access to a library of audio tapes on over 450 health topics.
• Information about self care techniques for common symptoms.
• Explanations on what to expect during a medical test.
• Help from a registered nurse who can answer questions regarding:.
   • Diagnostic and surgical procedures
   • A recently diagnosed medical condition
   • Prescription and over the counter medication information

This service can help you become more knowledgeable about health care services and more comfortable working in partnership with your health care providers.

As a member, you may take advantage of savings through one of the largest, most recognized discount dental networks in the nation. You will save an average of 10%** to 40%*** on everything from general dentistry and cleaning to root canals, crowns and orthodontia at over 73,000* available dental practices nationwide.

Accessing your discounts is as simple as counting 1-2-3

Step 1: Locate a participating provider by calling membership services or visiting our web site for a listing.

Step 2: You must show your membership card at the time of visit to receive your discount.

Step 3: You are responsible for the total bill, less the applicable savings, at the time service is rendered.

Product/Service Savings
Select Regional Average Cost † Average Cost with Aetna Dental Access®
Adult Cleaning $88 $53 $35
Child Cleaning $63 $37 $26
Routine Checkup $43 $28 $15
Four Bitewing X-rays $55 $32 $23
Composite (White) Filing $144 $78 $66
Crown (Porcelain fused
to noble metal)
$889 $597 $292
Complete Upper Denture $1,037 $777 $260
Molar Root Canal $900 $638 $262
Extraction (Single tooth) $136 $70 $66

† The select regional average fee represents the average fees for the procedures listed above in Los Angeles, Orlando,Chicago and New York City, as displayed in the Estimate the Cost of Care tool as of January, 2005.

* According to the Aetna Enterprise Provider Database as of 3/1/07.

** Anticipated national average charges for the 2006 calendar year based on the comparison of provider-negotiated fees to national average charges. Actual discounts will vary based on location and services provided.

*** Actual costs and savings vary by provider and geographic area. Aetna Dental Access® is a service mark of Aetna Inc.


Amacore VISION:
Save 15% to 40% off the retail price of eyewear. As a member you are eligible for discounts on exams, eyeglasses and contact lenses from more than 40,000 providers nationwide such as Pearle Vision®, LensCrafters®, Sears Optical® and Target Optical®.

Laser Vision Correction:
You also have access to one of the of the largest laser networks available, the U.S. Laser Network. You are entitled to 15% off the retail price or 5% off the promotional price of LASIK or PRK procedures, whichever is the greater discount.

Replacement Contact Lenses By Mail:
As part of this benefit, members may order replacement contact lenses at competitive prices via the Internet and have them mailed directly to your home. This service is for replacement contact lenses only, and the Vision Care discount does not apply. Your initial pair of contact lenses must still be purchased from your eye care provider to ensure proper fit and follow-up care.

Plan Limitations/ Exclusions:
• Orthoptic or vision training, subnormal vision aids, and any associated supplemental testing
• Aniseikonic lenses
• Medical and/or surgical treatment of the eye, eyes, or supporting structures
• Corrective eye wear required by an employer as a condition of employment
• Services provided as a result of any Worker’s Compensation law or similar legislation, or required by any governmental agency or
program whether Federal, state or subdivisions thereof
• Plan non-prescription lenses and non-prescription sunglasses (except for 20% discount)


HealthTrans PHARMACY :
Now you and your family can access discounts on your prescriptions at a network of over 50,000 participating pharmacies. The network includes national chains, local chains and independent pharmacies.

What Is a Prescription Drug Discount Card?
Prescription drug discount cards allow prescription drug users to save money on all types of prescription medications. At the time of purchase, members simply present their card at a participating pharmacy to instantly receive discounts on their prescription drugs. It’s that easy.

What Kind of Savings Can I Expect to Receive When I Use My Discount Card?
Your Program offers savings on brand-name and generic drugs. Savings average 15% for brand-name drugs and 45% for generic drugs over network pharmacies normal prices.

What Medications Are Discounted Through This Program?
Thousands of medications, both brand-name and generic, are available at a discount, along with several over-the-counter products, including Ecotrin, Nicoderm, NicodermCQ, Nicorette and diabetes supplies.

Where to Use the Prescription Discount Card?
Your discount card is valid at thousands of locations nationwide. Additional pharmacies are constantly being recruited, and the pharmacy directory is continually being updated.

Pharmacy Enrollment
If your pharmacy is not participating in this plan, but would like to enroll in our network, we cordially invite their participation. To enroll, simply have the pharmacist call the help desk number provided on the back of your card.

How to Use Your Prescription Discount Card:

1. Select a Pharmacy / Find a Price: Your card is valid at thousands of locations nationwide. Simply use the location and pricing tool provided on this web site to locate a participating pharmacy near you and their pricing information for your prescription medications.
2. Submit Your Prescription: Present your prescription to the pharmacist. If you need to transfer a prescription, bring your empty prescription bottle or label with you to the pharmacy.
3. Show Your Card: Give your card to the pharmacist each time you place your prescription order.
4. You Save: Once your prescription is filled you pay the discounted price. It’s that easy!


RX Mail Order
The mail order company works together with its network of contracted partners to offer an integrated solution on a national level to meet member ‘s needs for maintenance medications on the mail order side. The mail order company manages all aspects of patient care, including prescription intake and customer service.

With 30 years of collective experience managing cost-effective clinical programs for a range of clients, the mail order company makes the order and dispensing process as easy as possible for members and providers. The process is as follows:

Order Placement
New orders are received by mail. The first prescription filled through mail order needs to be an original prescription from the physician with the completed mail order form. Members are reminded by an automated phone service approximately ten days before a scheduled refill. Once all the appropriate information is received, the order is then entered into the mail order company’s computer system and is set up to begin the pharmacist screening process pending membership verification and prior authorization if necessary.

Prescription Screening
Once all necessary information is obtained, the prescription is screened by the pharmacist in the mail order company’s system to verify the accuracy of data entry of prescriptions and supplies, and the pharmacist approves the prescription to be dispensed.

Online Adjudication
At this point, the prescription is adjudicated online. Membership is re-verified online, as are any online edits. Based on the adjudication process, the pharmacist verifies appropriateness of therapy, dosing and also responds to DUR rejections.

Dispensing/Quality Assurance
After a pharmacist screens the prescription in the system and the claim is successfully processed online, the order is then dispensed. A separate pharmacist checks the dispensed prescription for accuracy one last time before shipping.

After the last QA check, the prescription is packaged in plain paper packaging and shipped to the patient via USPS or FedEx (for an additional fee).

Compliance Program
Ten days prior to the next scheduled medication refill (or more for patients receiving 60 or 90 day supplies), the mail order company attempts to contact the patient to arrange delivery of the refill.

HealthTrans' 90-Day Mail-at-Retail Program
In addition to the traditional mail service described above, HealthTrans offers its new and innovative 90-day mail-at-retail program. In this program, the member can utilize his or her local pharmacy to fill select medications on HealthTrans’ maintenance list. The discount rate for medications obtained through the 90-day program is generally equivalent to mail discount rates. Members should request that their physician write a new prescription for a 90 day supply to assist in the utilization of this service.


Complementary Alternative Medicine* (CAM) inspires simple lifestyle changes that can bring about greater personal health rewards.

·As a member you will have access to over 9,000 holistic and complementary
medicine providers nationwide
·Savings from 10% - 30%
·Over 40 modalities offering a broad range of specialties such as:

- Acupuncture
- Massage Therapy
- Naturopathic Medicine
- Homeopathy
- Tai Chi
- Yoga

* Providers and savings may not be available in all areas and are subject to change without notice. Please contact Member Services to confirm providers and savings opportunities.


As a member you have access to one of the largest networks* of hand-picked providers across America. Providing the highest quality of chiropractic care which includes the following:

· Over 5,000 provider locations
· 50% off initial exams, consultations and diagnostics
· 50% off the cost of in-house x-rays
· $30 spinal adjustments
· All other services 10% - 50% savings

By selecting and using a participating chiropractor of your choice, you and all other eligible family members can receive care for a minimal payment resulting in considerable savings. Members will have access to:

· Unlimited Visits
· No Forms
· No Age Limits
· No Exclusions
· No Maximum Dollar Limits
· Family Savings Plan

* Providers and savings may not be available in all areas and are subject to change without notice. Please contact Member Services to confirm providers and savings opportunities.



Through your membership you will have access to GlobalFit* which is the nation's largest fitness club network. As a member you will have access to:

· Over 1,500 plus health clubs, like participating Bally Total Fitness, Gold’s Gym, and
USA Fitness
· Save 5% - 60% off membership fees depending on location and facility
· Access any participating network club nationally
· Enjoy month-to-month memberships with no long term contracts
· Refer your favorite local club to become part of the network
· Save 5% - 40% on customized diet and nutrition counseling
· Other savings available on e-diet programs, fitness equipment, personal trainers,
Reebok products and much more

* Providers, facilities and savings may not be available in all areas and are subject to change without notice. Please contact Member Services to confirm providers and savings opportunities.


Members will have access to personalized online programs that can help transform and balance common life issues at substantially reduced rates. Members save $95 off the retail price of $125 - a 76% savings!

The following 3-5 week programs are delivered entirely via the Internet. While other programs and products generally provide short-term solutions, SelfHelp Works* provides treatment for the emotional causes of the addictive behavior.
There are four programs to choose from:

· Living Free - smoking cessation
· Living Smart - alcohol control
· Living Lean - weight management and nutrition
· Living Easy - stress management

Members cost $30 per program.

* Providers and savings may not be available in all areas and are subject to change without notice. Please contact Member Services to confirm providers and savings opportunities.


Your membership also provides access to network* savings on the best quality vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements.

· Save 10% - 75%
· 100% satisfaction guarantee

Members will receive an additional 5% savings from the already significantly reduced pricing when the member mentions the special promo code.

* Providers and savings may not be available in all areas and are subject to change without notice. Please contact Member Services to confirm providers and savings opportunities.



diabetic supplies:
With your membership, you are eligible for participation in our NEW Diabetic Care Program which offers savings on your diabetic products that could total up to hundreds of dollars every year.

The Diabetic Care Program offers a comprehensive diabetic maintenance program for the treatment of diabetes. The program includes a full line of state-of-the-art glucose meters, test strips, lancets and oral diabetic medications with potential monthly savings over 50%!!

Benefits Include
• Full line of superior state-of-the-art, high technology products and services
• Complimentary starter kit, including meter, test strips, lancets, lancing device and control solution avail-able to new patients with initial order
• Incredibly low prices – complete program available to members for less than $1.00 a day, based on a 1 time/day patient testing schedule
• Savings are over 50% compared to average retail prices
• Helping members take charge and manage their chronic diabetes conditions and increase patient compliance
• Quality of life enhancement
• Educational materials provided
• Friendly, bi-lingual customer service and convenient home delivery of products


We are pleased to provide a hearing care discount plan that makes hearing services affordable.The Hearing Care Benefit is provided by one of the largest providers of hearing health care services and products in North America.

As a member, you get discounts on hearing care services and products at over 1,600 locations throughout the U.S. Your discount hearing services and products include audiology exams, hearing aids and more.

General Provisions
• 30% discount for all hearing exams and services.
• Up to a 50% discount on hearing aids.
• 60-day trial period with a 100% money back guarantee.
• Follow-up services free for one year (adjustments, fine tuning).
• Over 200 models of hearing aids.
• Include in-the-canal, in-the ear, and behind-the-ear devices.
• Discounts on repairs and batteries.
• Over 1600 locations nationwide.


physician & hospital savings:
With access to a network of thousands of medical facilities and physicians nationwide, members can experience savings from 5% up to 40%, with average savings of 20-30% on medical services. Members who have health insurance or limited health insurance coverage can save money on services not covered, such as routine office visits.

Participating providers must pass strict credentialing criteria prior to joining the network. There is no limit to the number of times you can access a participating provider in this program.

Step 1 - Locate a Physician:
Before scheduling any appointment or non-emergency hospital procedure, contact Member Services. The Membership Service staff will fully explain your program and help you locate a participating network provider in your area.

Step 2 - Scheduling Your Appointment:
Schedule your appointment with the participating network provider. At the time of service present your Medical Savings card.

Step 3 - At the Physician’s Office:
The Membership Service staff will assist you in working with the participating Physician's office if there are any issues or questions concerning the program you have available through your membership.

Step 4 - Payment to the Physician:
The provider's office will contact the Physician Network department at the time of your visit for the negotiated rates, which is your responsibility and is due at point of service.
Remember, you are fully responsible for paying the providers for any services rendered at point of service.

Important Notice to Doctors: Please follow the instructions on the back of the Member’s ID card for assistance in determining the Patient’s discount.



Through our partnership with Direct Diagnostics you now have unlimited access to amazing savings!

What Exactly Does This Mean To You?
NEVER again will you or your family be forced to pay full price for ANY Lab work, X-Rays or Imaging!

How Big Are Your Savings?
The savings are unbelievable! Averaging between 40%-70% off the usual price. These savings are bigger than any PPO can offer, bigger than even the largest Insurance Companies can access, bigger than you will ever see ANYWHERE else! (See a small sample of these unbelievable prices in the charts below.)

How Big Is Your Network?
Your NATIONWIDE network of testing facilities is VAST and includes all the well known, accredited companies including; Quest, LabOne and Lab Corp, to name just a few.

When Can You Use This Program?

Anytime your doctor orders a test, you simply call your personal scheduling department and they will advise you of the most convenient location and ensure that you only pay the heavily reduced ‘Member’s Only Rate.’

Sample of Savings - Lab work (1700 Tests included)


Normal Price

Member Pays




Thyroid Test



Cancer Antigen Test



Prostate Test (PSA)



Sample of Savings - Imaging (Includes Ultrasound, Bone Scan, Electromyography, etc.))


Normal Price

Member Pays




CT Scan



Direct Diagnostics makes it Easy, Accessible and Affordable to get the tests you need!


Disclosures: THIS DISCOUNT PLAN IS NOT INSURANCE. THIS IS NOT A MEDICARE PRESCRIPTION DRUG PLAN*. This plan provides discounts at certain health care providers for medical services. The range of discounts will vary depending on the type of provider and service. The plan does not make payments directly to the providers of medical services. Plan members are obligated to pay for all health care services but will receive a discount from those health care providers who have contracted with the discount medical plan organization. Before purchase, you may access a list of participating health care providers at www.smarthealthadvantage.com. Upon request the plan will make available a written list of participating health care providers. You have the right to cancel within the first 30 days after receipt of membership materials and receive a full refund, less a processing fee not to exceed the amount permitted by your state. Discount Medical Plan Organization and Administrator: Amacore Group, inc., 4929 West Royal Lane, 1st Floor, Irving, Texas 75063; telephone800-446-7142.

Note: Hospital discounts are not available in Maryland or West Virginia.

Note to Texas Consumers: Regulated by the texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, P.O. Box 12157, Austin, Texas 78711; telephone 800-803-9202 or 512-463-6599; website: www.license.state.tx.us/complaints.

Note to Utah Residents: The discount programs are not protected by the Utah Life and Health Guaranty Association.

* Medicare statements applies to MD residents when pharmacy discounts are part of the program.